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Please Give me a Bathbrush Spanking – Cheerleaderspankings

Nothing can be more humiliating than to ask stepmom, “Please give me a bathbrush spanking” but that is what happens to Amy and you will find out how it got to this. Stepmom has been told by Amy’s cheer coach how she has encouraged her teammates to use rude words and swears in their chants and has been sent home. So when Amy arrives, she is confronted by the appearance of a stern matriarchal figure brandishing a heavy, mean looking bathbrush! Amy has one chance to redeem herself and she lies to the face of her own stepmother! What follows is a no nonsense hand spanking across the lap before the indignity of having her tight panties pulled down for a bare bottom smacking. Then the moment she has been dreading: the bathbrush. However, she must present the brush to stepmom whilst asking to give her a bathbrush spanking! Oh, the embarrassment! Amy’s bottom jiggles provocatively, her legs buckle, and she winces as the hard wooden implement crashes down across her sore reddening buttocks. Welts of shame are clearly visible to anyone lucky enough to witness this punishment. She is left to soothe her aching sore backside, mindful that lies and teaching others filthy cheers is not tolerated at home or at cheer practice!

Amy Fox, Miss Elizabeth

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