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Punishment from the Countess – MM – Mistress Movie

The Countess orders maid Abigel and maid Lola into her chambers and questions them because they have failed to clean the lord’s rooms. The lord angrily makes a complaint about this sloppiness and he demands a harsh punishment for the lazy maids. The Countess is more than happy to follow the lord’s demand, she likes to discipline her servants. As a disciplinary tool, she chooses the very thick, XH (extra heavy) tawse. They receive their severe punishment in turns. Lola is young and inexperienced, she’s having a hard time to endure the Countess’ sadistic beats. When her Mistress is finishing with her, she is in tears because of the pain. It is even hard for Abigel to endure the painful spanks. One thing is for sure, next time the lord’s rooms will be spotless and neat…

This clip is in Hungarian

Abigel, Lola, Mistress Olga

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Duration : 00:14:12

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