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QW-001 Dream Part 4 – QuirkyWay – Archivos.Spanking.Club

The Dream – fourth part, or „what was happening behind the door“

What did our girl hear behind the headmaster’s office door?
Let’s have a look…

We can see a petite blonde girl with glasses, kneeling in front of the headmaster, begging… She doesn’t want to be punished, she will do anything he wants…
“Anything? Anything… well: Suck my dick!”
But that’s not all he demands…. tearing off her clothes and panties… – “Bend over the table!”

“No, this I won’t do!” But he doesn’t care… holding her tightly bent over the table – and penetrating her from behind…. it’s painful and it’s disgusting.. its… “oh nooo….” she screams and cries…

The old headmaster is groaning while he is fucking this crying blonde schoolgirl….. but who’s that knocking on the door?
The naughty brat behind the door can’t read? Wait till I finish with this one, I’ll give her what for…

The screaming, abused blonde is on the floor now, begging… “no, please stop it!”
But again, she is bent over the table, her bare bottom up in the air. And she gets a proper thrashing, 25 strokes with the slipper. The heavy leather is again dancing on the pale skin of her bottom, which is turning redder and redder…. The cruel headmaster doesn’t miss a single stroke…. the thrashing continues, and the screams and cries are audible through the door…

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