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QW-004 A History of Violence – QuirkyWay – Archivos.Spanking.Club

Franta doesn’t like the fact that he keeps finding the family moneybox in the bedroom constantly empty. He doesn’t like it one bit. However… the money is gone and it is surely Mařena’s doing… And when something is Mařena’s fault, it means that she’ll get a good spanking wit his old belt. The belt will have a feast… At the image of this, Franta starts to bulge in his pants. This is what makes his marriage beautiful… His new wife has a beautiful butt and she knows very well what Franta likes: at every possible moment to bend her over the bed, beat her butt purple, and then screw her hard with his constantly horny dick…

Marie likes Franta . How many times has she given him a cause, even though the douche bag did not even notice. The beating with the belt really hurts, Maruš hates it, but what comes after – how Franta can screw her – was something that she experienced last in school. The wales were worth it. But not today. She doesn’t feel like it today. She was on her rag and that meant one thing after the spanking: his big dick into her small ass…If he spanks her, he’ll be horny like always… And Franta is yelling at her again that she gambled away some money, but she was long finished with the slots. Well, almost. And she really didn’t know where the money from the moneybox disappeared this time.

Finally, she must go get the belt as always, as Franta commands. She sees the bulge between his legs, oh well. Bend over the bed. Pull up the skirt and Franta starts spanking her! He’s definitely in his full calibre, the belt whips, Maruš screams, and even if she’s wearing stockings, her behind shows signs of wales. It really hurts; the stockings don’t protect her ass at all. And then the expected command: strip! And when Franta says strip, he means naked. Crying and with a sore butt, she obeys. Through his pants, she sees his boner. She doesn’t understand what turns him on from these spankings; she wouldn’t be like that…Her thoughts are broken with a strict “bend over!”

And again, she is lying over the edge of the bed and sticking out her purple butt at him, awaiting another painful beating with the belt. She feels ashamed when Franta laughs at her as he sees the tampon string hanging from her pussy… Franta knows what it means and where he’ll thrust his dick in a little while. But there’s time for that, he has other work now. He lifts the belt over his head and starts to whip Maruš’s ass with no remorse until she starts to scream and wales start to appear … yeah, that’s it, that’s a beating the way he likes it, the missing money is worth it…

“Maruš , kneel on the bed,” he says with a rock-hard dick in his hand. And in a moment, the bedroom is filled with screams as his pole enters her tight ass. Franta fucks and fucks her with no mercy … After a while, the pain passes and in her mind although she doesn’t know it, Maruš agrees with her husband: yeah, the money that disappeared was definitely worth it…

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