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Roomie’s Pantyhose Punishment – Ariel Anderssen Studio

I love living with Zoe, but she keeps stealing my pantyhose and I’m sick of it! Today, I will make it clear that her behaviour has to stop. Fortunately, when we moved in together we figured out a system of punishments for if one of us broke the rules, and Zoe’s going to be in for a difficult evening. When she finally comes home (in my tan tights!) I immediately challenge her, making her pull up her skirt to reveal MY PANTYHOSE! Ordering her to remove her skirt and blouse, I make her kneel in a humiliating position before beginning to tie her up tightly with plenty of white rope. Over the next 40 minutes (after stripping to nothing but high heels, sports bra and tan tights myself) I tie Zoe in multiple challenging positions, adding a series of tight gags, and putting clamps on her nipples, as well as tormenting her with a riding crop. Finally I blindfold her, hogtie her, cock gag her, and put her to bed next to me. This will teach her a lesson!

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Zoe Page

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