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Sadistic Headmistress Mackenzie & Her Matron Kay Brutally Whip Your Bare Ass – St Mackenzie’s

As my whipping boy you prove very useful when I want to vent any frustration. However today my Matron has had a particularly frustrating day and seeing as it has coincided with you having displeased me then the solution is obvious. Yes you will receive a whipping from both of us right here and right now. As you stand in front of us both I can tell you are feeling very scared, and rightly so, especially when you watch my sadistic Matron choose one of my longest schooling whips, and I have my favourite extra-long schooling whip.

As we demonstrate their swish, flex and power in front of you I think you must be already feeling your bottom tingling just with the thought of us raining down thrashing on your bare ass! After lots of intimidation I make you drop your trousers and pants and bend over my desk. With your bare bottom in the air you look back over your shoulder at us and look us both in the eyes as we grip our whips tighter. At first we just warm you up a little, only five thrashes each to start, but we soon get into the swing and as we take it in turns to thrash you hard the colour soon drains from your face. It is a good job we gave you my leather strap to chew down on, especially as Matron is even more brutal than I thought she would be!

Mackenzie, Matron Kay

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