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Sarah’s Mancave Mishap – Spanking House Productions

Sarah has decided to venture into her step-father’s mancave, which is strictly forbidden. His mancave is expressly off-limits, but she chooses to go in anyway, looking through his collection of men’s magazines. Step-Mom Elizabeth catches her in the act, scolding her thoroughly, and taking her naughty step-daughter over her knee. Sarah explains to her step-mother that she wants to be a model for men’s magazines, to which Elizabeth puts her foot down and lets her step-daughter know that this is out of the question. Elizabeth takes Sarah over her knee and hand spanks her defiant step-daughter over her tight leggings. When the leggings come down, she is spanked over her panties. Once Step-Mom Elizabeth decides that the panties are coming down, she has her bratty step-daughter get up from her knee and undress’completely! Sarah wants to pose naked in men’s magazines, so Step-Mom is going to humiliate her step-daughter by forcing her to show how she plans on posing for her photo shoots. Sarah is embarrassed, but does as her step-mother says, even though she’s rather shy about it’until Elizabeth pushes further, and Sarah shows how she plans on spreading her legs for the camera, showing off her pussy.

Elizabeth continues Sarah’s spanking, over the knee, with Sarah naked and legs spread. She then decides that Sarah needs more than merely a hand spanking, and has her step-daughter get her flip flop, and ask her step-mother to spank her with it. The sting of the flip flop slipper is much greater than that of Step-Mom’s hand, getting her point across much more thoroughly. Sarah is contrite, but not enough for her step-mother’s liking, so the spanking continues until Elizabeth sees fit to bring it to an end. Sarah has been embarrassed and humiliated, being forced to disrobe for her step-mother, and is sent to her room with the understanding that she’ll be apologizing to her step-father once he gets home.

Miss Elizabeth, Sarah Gregory

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