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Sarah’s Snowglobe Shenanigans – Mommaspankings

So in real life, Sarah collects these really pretty Disney snowglobes because she loves them. So, she decided to do a film loosely based on, what is for some, an issue. Miss Bernadette plays Sarah’s mom and comes home to find that Sarah, yet again, has been ordering more of these globes online and is opening them in the living room. Sarah tries to deny it and hide what is in the box saying it is a mother’s day gift, but mom knows that is nonsense and demands to know what she is hiding. She cannot believe that Sarah has purchased more of these ridiculous globes and is prepared to put a stop to this behavior. She tries to explain to Sarah that this is a real problem, but when she sees that she is getting nowhere like this… the next step is a spanking. Sarah is taken over mommy’s lap for a spanking over her cute dress, then on her panties, and finally on the bare bottom. In the end, mommy says that she is going to spank her 33 times with the hairbrush. One swat for each snowglobe she owns. Sarah doesn’t think this is very fair but of course, has no choice in the matter and does as she is told. Mommy leaves Sarah rubbing her sore red bottom. Sarah is one sad sorry little girl who won’t be buying any more snowglobes in the future.

Miss Bernadette, Sarah Gregory


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