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School Girls Spanked & Made To Cane BFF – Uk Cute Girl

Belle O Hara and I have been sent to the headmasters office again. We are best friends but when we hang out we seem to find ourselves getting up to mischief! This time the head master has sent us down to the basement which he calls his ‘punishment room’. He has had enough of our insolent behaviour and informed up we will be spanked in order to rectify our behaviour as all the normal punishments haven’t worked.

We are both made to bend over and pull up our school skirts to reveal our white cotton school issued panties. He spanks us hard with his hand and then with a cane, its awful and we both cry out. After he has given us both an awful spanking he decides that as we always continue to misbehave whenever we are together he wants to divide us up. He makes Belle stand up but I am to be left bent over. Then he instructs her to cane me hard. She cries and pleas not to have to do that to here best friend but he insists that she will be in even more trouble if she disobeys him. It is such a horrible punishment pitting two best friends against each other, I wonder if it will work and we will stay in line from now on?

Belle O'Hara, Lucy Lauren

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