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Scolded By Your Sweater-Clad Teachers 4K – Ariel Anderssen Studio

Miss Beverley and I are most displeased with you! You have been snooping around the school, perving on female teachers and even taking pictures of us through the window of the staffroom! Looking at your phone, we can see that you take a particular interest in women wearing woolly sweaters, just like the ones we are both wearing today! A naughty boy like you most certainly deserves a severe punishment, and we’ve decided you’re going to go over both of our laps, first mine, and then Miss Beverley’s. And rather than just taking a hand spanking, you’re going to have to endure a severe paddling with my sting-y new wooden paddle. And if you kick, we shall have to hold you down at the same time! There, I don’t suppose you ever expected to be SPANKED by a sweater-clad lady, did you? Let alone by two of us!

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sarah Gregory

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Resolution : 3840×2160
Duration : 00:14:51

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