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Secretary Slave For A Day – Captive Chrissy Marie

Chrissy has received news that her boss wants to promote her to executive secretary at work… however there is a price to pay for the position. First she will have to submit to being her boss’s slave for a day. She has been instructed to wear black thigh high stockings, high heels, a black choker and a long coat with nothing else underneath. The boss welcomes Chrissy into his dungeon and orders her to take off her coat… revealing that she followed his orders and is in fact wearing nothing underneath. After a brief inspections she is told to bend over the bondage table with her legs spread. Her hands are cuffed behind her back then the boss pulls her head back by the hair and proceeds to spank her for several minutes until she fully submits and is ready to be tied up and tortured in any way he desires!

Now Chrissy is on her knees and bound in an intense position with her upper body bent backward over a hanging bar and her tightly welded arms tied to the spreader bar secured between her ankles which in turn raises her feet up off the ground. The boss approaches, pulls her head back from behind, pinches her nipples then firmly wraps his hand around her sexy neck and chokes her until she breathlessly begs him to stop. Next a rope is tied from her hair and back to the spreader bar forcing her head to stay back and neck to remain exposed. Then, as if it isn’t already challenging enough for her to swallow, a ring gag is placed into her mouth… and he isn’t done yet. Heavy stainless steel clothespin clamps are attached to her nipples to torture her even further as he plays with his helplessly bound and gagged slave. He uses the hitachi in one hand as he gropes and chokes her on and off with the other hand… the sensations quickly intensifying as she struggles to swallow and breath…. she can’t fight it… he is going to make her cum for him… and pretty soon he succeeds and she cums HARD! He is enjoying himself too much to stop now and keeps the vibrator going until she explodes in another huge orgasm that is so strong it makes her squirt! Satisfied with her performance he turns off the vibrator… he has a couple ideas how his sexy secretary slave can be of service to him next!

Chrissy Marie

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