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Secrets and Spankings – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

See how a daddy and daughter are unaware that they lust after the same girl, beautiful Casey Calvert. Casey is persuaded to come back to Sarah’s place after cheer practice and Sarah makes a move on her classmate who doesn’t respond to her advances. Sarah playfully spanks her at first to deflect the situation and of course Casey has been keeping a secret from her friend as she has been dating her father. So imagine his surprise when he catches both girls during a spanking session! He has to appear to be the stern father and decides to punish both girls. Sarah gets spanked at home and is embarrassed that she is spanked next to Casey… but imagine how difficult it is for Casey as she has to keep her secret from her friend so takes the punishment as well! Both girls are spanked with their panties pulled down, cheek to cheek and daddy sends Sarah off early to bed leaving him all alone with Casey as their affair remains a naughty secret… as you will see!

Casey Calvert, John Osborne, Sarah Gregory

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