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Sensual worship of mistresses in bed – DominicToiman

Dominic and Kira got so carried away with Isabella that they completely forgot about the humiliation of their tame bitch Astra! Today they decided to fix it and tied the slave in bed, they wanted to see from her a very sensual worship of their feet, but first Astra was waiting for a game with a vibrator and slaps on her body, the girls played with her pussy without letting the bitch cum, after that the excited Astra greedily licked and sucked their feet, she sucked deeply their own mouth, allowing their mistresses to shove them deeper and deeper! They took the feet of the housewives along with the smoke and tried very hard to please them, seeing that Kira and Dominic ordered her to worship even more, they spanked the bitch even more intensely, because they like to watch her humiliate herself and try to please them!

Astra, Dominic, Kira

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