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Seven Scorched Bottoms, Part 2 – Spanking101thevideos

As Briella Jane rubs her smarting bottom, sore from a padding from Principal Tubaman, he tells Britteni Bank it is her turn to bend over the desk. Britteni responds with, “My parents wouldn’t be OK with me being paddled by a man.” No problem. Tubaman hands the paddle to Briella, and makes things worse for Britteni’s behind by informing Briella that it was Britten who told on her. Payback’s a bitch. To make things even more humiliating, Britteni’s buddies Kajira Bound, Mia Hope, Kitty Quinn. Paris Luv, and Nova Roo are all outside the door, listening to every stinging swat and Britteni’s yelps of pain.

Briella Jaden, Britteni Bank, Kajira Bound, Kitty Quinn, Lil Babyboy Joey, Mia Hope, Paris Luv, Paul Rogers

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Resolution : 1920×1080
Duration : 00:05:53

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