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Sleepover – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Zoe Page invited Jessica Jensen over for a sleepover. However, Jessica should have been aware of what might happen as Zoe made a move on her from the start. Jessica had admitted that she had been recently spanked and Zoe had asked to see the results of that… hmmm, any excuse for her to perv as she then got to play with Jessica’s bottom under the guise of helping her out but once she felt the heat coming off those pert buns it ignited her own desire to spank Jessica’s bum! Zoe’s fascination to try out Jessica’s bare red bottom for herself started with the pretence of applying soothing cream, lots of cream… and kneading her buttocks was a temptation too far. Zoe got her way after the girls had a playfight! Naughty Zoe, she got what she wanted in the end!

Jessica Jensen, Zoe Page

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