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Slutty Anastasia Spanked part 1 – Mommaspankings

Anastasia is attempting to sneak out of the house to a party wearing a rather slutty dress. Mom is in the living room and stops her, questioning where she is going dressed in such lewd clothing. Anastasia admits she is going to a party so Mom is understandably upset, telling her girl to sit down whilst receiving a stern scolding. Then she takes the slutty brat over her lap for a deserved punishment. Anastasia is spanked over her dress, at first, then when Mom raises the scanty hemline she sees that there are no panties which infuriate her even more. The hand spanking will continue right on the bare bottom until it is a deep shade of shameful crimson. When Anastasia still doesn’t seem to be learning a proper lesson by kicking her legs wildly, she is put into a leg lock to stop that nonsense. Then Mom gives her a mean hairbrush spanking until she is a very sad and sorry girl. Before being sent off for an unexpected early bedtime, Anastasia is told to strip out of that disgusting slutty dress as it is going to be burned and disposed of!

Anastasia Rose, Samantha Baker

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