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Spanked for the Prank – Universal Spanking and Punishments

It wasn’t long ago when several senior girls decided to put a massive amount of balls, all types of balls,… on their high school baseball field. The administration was not pleased and the students were given a choice between in school suspension or spankings, they all took the corporal punishment! “Spanked for the Prank” is part of a series called “Balls on the Field” that explores the spankings that these girls endured. This video is based on a true story though the spankings are given our way.

Reyna St. Clair knew that she had made a mistake, some people thought that her and her friend’s knew exactly what they were doing and that they were fully aware that they would be paddled. Others felt that they were just having fun with a prank that went too far. It was late 2015 and Reyna St. Clair (along with several buddies) decided to put hundreds of balls from various sports all over the baseball field. Soon the faculty would find out and each girl would have to make a big decision. Reyna was given the choice of in school suspension (along with a few swats), or she could take a longer spanking and be done with the situation, it’s no surprise that Reyna took the longer spanking! In Reyna’s small town it was fairly common for a girl to get licks until she moved out of the house, that’s just the way that it was. Heck, Reyna had been spanked at school five times already that year, she was mostly a good student, she just needed some old fashioned punishment from time to time to stay the course.

Reyna would be spanked by her coach (as usual) and she would have to wear a very revealing piece of athletic gear that would put her bare bottom entirely on display! Coach started the spanking out with his hand, he knew the girl’s family well and he always had permission to punish Reyna when such an occasion was necessary. The hand spanking was followed up by swats with a leather paddle, though it was a strapping that would raise the girl up on her tippy toes! Reyna hated the strap, but deep down she probably knew that the spankings she had gotten before and after this incident were for her own good. Eventually, Reyna would be paddled by the coach, and it was common for the wooden paddle with holes to be used! Seeing this punishment proves that even the pretty and often well behaved girls would have to bend over for swats from time to time, many of them just saw it as the way it was,…it was part of becoming a respectable woman.

Reyna St. Claire

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