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Spanked To Tears By Mommy part 1 & 2 – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Rachel had been punished at school again and her mother was deeply upset when she found out. It had been some time since Rachel had been punished at home, as the old rule of “spanked at school, spanked at home” had been relaxed. Well, not anymore! Rachel knew what was coming, being told to get into her PJs for an early bedtime punishment, and she was very nervous.

Mom told her this time she’d get spanked on the bare bottom, not like at school, and that she would also get Mommy’s favorite stinging hairbrush across her bare behind! Mom’s hand hurt like hell on her already sore bottom and the tears started to flow. Rachel was upset that she had embarrassed the family with her behavior but no amount of apologizing would stop mommy from reaching for the hairbrush. The swats from this reverberated around the room, mixed with Rachel’s loud sobbing.

This was a severe home discipline spanking, the likes that Rachel had not received from mommy before! Her tears overflowed and her nose was a snotty, shameful mess as Mom finally decided that her sobbing daughter had learnt a valuable lesson that evening! Mother knew it was time to comfort her daughter with soothing words of encouragement and hugs before tucking her into bed! For those that enjoy watching maternal discipline and real tears, this film is a must see!

Clare Fonda, Rachel Adams

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