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Spankings for the In-Laws pt 3 – Punishments Only

Taking Luci out to lunch with her mother (Anna) and sister (Charlotte) was not a success. A notoriously fussy eater, Luci didn’t like how her food came out, and proceeded to make a scene. With Luci loudly complaining and being rude to multiple waiters and bussers, Charlotte decided to throw a bucket of sibling rivalry gasoline onto the fire. Terribly embarrassed, Anna and I escorted the bratty girls back to my house.

Part 1 begins as we get home. Luci and Charlotte are still bickering and behaving with an immaturity that would be shameful for girls half their age, much less grown women. Their mother and I make it clear to them that embarrassing us the way they did was completely unacceptable. I explain to Charlotte that Luci gets spanked when she behaves like that, and Charlotte should expect the same. Flabbergasted that anyone would dare spank her, I give Charlotte no choice but to accept that she’s going to get a spanking just like her sister. And being as they embarrassed Anna as much as me, I decide it is only appropriate that their mother spank them first.

After long spankings from Anna for both girls, part 2 begins as I decide to take Charlotte over my knee first. After lecturing her about how antagonizing her sister makes Luci defensive and more likely to keep being a brat, I begin to spank Charlotte. Luci is sitting on the stool, waiting to be spanked next, and Anna is holding Charlotte’s wrists for me, when suddenly Anna has the audacity to tell me I’m spanking her too hard. This coming from the mother who had just been telling me I should give both her girls the belt! I explain to Anna that this is not ok — I am in charge, not her — to which she gets an attitude! Clearly, Charlotte and Luci are not the only girls who need to be spanked. No girl is ever too old for a spanking in my house, and Anna has to learn that the hard way.

After I spank Anna, I send her to the Behavior Reflection stool to sit on her spanked bottom, and instruct Luci to hold Charlotte’s wrists while I resume her punishment. Once that’s over, I send Charlotte to the stool, and instruct Anna to come hold Luci’s wrists. One would think that Anna wouldn’t dare try to micromanage how I administer discipline again, right? Especially now that it’s Luci being punished, as Anna has previously expressed enthusiastic support of my use of spankings to keep Luci in line.

Well, one would have thought wrong. Again, Anna tries to intervene, and this time I make sure to put a stop to it: Luci is put on one end of the couch on ankle duty, Charlotte opposite her on wrist duty, and I instruct Anna to lie down on the couch so I can spank her with the belt. Begrudgingly, she agrees to (or at least accepts) her fate, and I take off my belt and give her 25 full forced strokes. The bottom cam angle is shown in full to close out part 2, and the face cam angle begins in part 3.

After watching Anna’s expressions of pain and misery, it is time for Luci’s spanking to resume from Anna’s interruption. This time, Charlotte is the one holding Luci while I spank her, and their mom’s freshly belted bottom is on the hard stool. Then the sisters switch, and Luci holds Charlotte while she gets her last spanking. I send Charlotte to the stool, and tell Anna that she has a last spanking coming her way too. Over my knee she goes, and with Luci continuing to serve the role of spanker’s assistant, I drive the lesson home on Anna’s poor bottom that I will not tolerate disrespect from her any more than I would from her daughters. Anna is sent back to the stool, Charlotte goes into the corner, and Luci gets her final spanking before it’s all over. Once it is, I instruct Charlotte and Anna to return to the couch so I can hold and comfort all three of them.

Charlotte Cross, Loren, Luci Lovett, Miss Anna

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