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Stevie & DD get Spanked Together Part 1 – Punishments Only

Stevie caught her friend and current house guest DD stealing money from her purse. Appalled that her friend would do such a thing after being invited to stay in our home, Stevie spanked DD. After all, not only are spankings the way Stevie herself gets punished when need be, but in the short time she’d been staying with us, I’d already had to spank DD for issues ranging from leaving messes to having a bad attitude. Stevie figured that she would spank DD, and then tell me when I got home.

Big mistake.

The structure of authority in our house is very clear: I’m the one in charge. When there’s a problem, I’m the one who handles it. It was one thing when Stevie took it upon herself to invite DD to stay with us without checking with me, but she knows damn well that I’m the one who handles disciplinary matters in our home. Regretting my earlier decision to not spank Stevie for inviting DD without first getting my approval, I can see that Stevie clearly needs to be reminded who wears the pants in the house.

I inform Stevie from the very start that she is going to get the same punishment for overstepping her authority as DD is for stealing. Stevie gets sent to the corner and has to listen to DD being spanked, knowing that she is up next. I have them switch places, and after Stevie gets spanked with my hand, they are put in corner time together. I retrieve the behavior reflection stool for Stevie to sit on while she hears DD get spanked with the hairbrush. Then DD is sent to sit on the stool while Stevie gets the brush.

Determined to get through to these girls that I will have order in my home, I decide they’re both going to be paddled and caned. First DD gets 40 swats over my knee with the lexan paddle, which is where Part 1 ends. Part 2 picks up right where it was left off: it’s time for Stevie to get 40 OTK paddle swats. And just for good measure, I give them both 10 strokes with the cane as well. As always with spankings, I console them both afterwards and provide them with genuine aftercare so they know that I spank them with their best interests at heart.

DD4Life, Loren, Stevie Rose

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