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Stevie Gets her (ACTUAL) sister Spanked Part 1 – Punishments Only

While Stevie’s younger sister Skylar is staying with us, I’ve noticed that, like many 19 year olds, she just isn’t very aware of her surroundings. Chalk it up to a generation that was given smart phones before being taught how to boil water, but she’s just… more than a little bit on the oblivious side. So HAD Stevie asked my permission to let her drive Stevie’s car — which is registered in my name and under my insurance policy – I probably would’ve said no.

Unfortunately for Stevie and Skylar’s bottoms, Stevie didn’t ask my permission. When Skylar sideswiped someone at the gas station, that was unaesthetic damage to the car I bought Stevie, and it was damage to a stranger’s car that I was now going to have to pay hundreds of dollars for, if not over $1k.

Less than pleased, I make it unequivocally clear to Skylar that in our house, she has to live by our rules. And in our house, girls who behave irresponsibly get spanked. Having never been spanked as an adult, I have Skylar watch the beginning of Stevie’s spanking, then I place Skylar in the corner to listen to her sister being punished, knowing that she will be spanked next. In part 1, each girl gets an OTK hand spanking, and Stevie gets the bath brush OTK as well. This is preceded by a stern lecture, and interspersed with scoldings and corner time.

Loren, Skylar Rose, Stevie Rose

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