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Strapped with My Sister – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Aimee and Shy are your typical sisters, they love boys and they’re all about doing what they want to do and ignoring the rules of the house when it’s convenient for them. Recently, Shy went on a date, but she ignored her 10pm curfew for a weekday and came in late. To make matters worse, Aimee knew that Shy came in late and and she said nothing. It shouldn’t have really been a surprise to either of them when their Father ordered them to the living room for a discussion before school!

In the past, when Aimee and Shy were instructed to go to the living room and bend over, they knew only one thing would be happening,…that there would be spankings for the both of them! In this instance, Aimee and Shy were still in their nightshirts and panties when their Dad walked in and he immediately began smacking both of their bottoms with them standing side by side. Both girls couldn’t say much because they knew that they were in the wrong and if they sassed they’d get extra corporal punishment. Soon their panties would come down and their Father would smack their exposed bottoms even harder, these young ladies would certainly be sore for their classes!

Aimee and Shy wanted to be done with punishment and to be on their way to school, but they would have to have their bare butts lit up with the belt too! Shy would first hold Aimee in position for a strapping and then Aimee held Shy as well. It was embarrassing for both of of these beautiful girls to be punished together, but their Father felt that it was efficient and effective for spankings to be given in such a manner. And in the hopes that Aimee and Shy would really learn from this punishment, they were placed side by side once again for a solid paddling! The girls would be warned that if they messed up again that the spankings would be even harder, let’s hope that they listened for the sake of their bottoms!

Aimee Morgan, Shy Sky

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