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Strictmoor Academy Year One Scene Four – Sarahgregoryspanking

Scene 4 of this feature length film is set in the classroom. Mrs Jackson, played by Dana Specht, is not pleased when she catches Anthea (Adriana Evans) and Lynn (Linny Lace) passing notes in class. She calls them to the front of the class to carry out their punishment in front of all the other students; how humiliating. She first has them strip down to their white camisoles, school panties, and white knee socks. They are each smacked on the backs of their thighs before having their panties lowered to expose their bare bottoms. They then have their note passing hands smacked with the wooden ruler before each being taken over the knee for a hard hand spanking which has them kicking and sobbing. After they are spanked they are made to write lines on the black board with their red spanked bottoms on display as Mrs. Jackson finishes the lesson.

Adriana Evans, Ami Mercury, Dana Specht, Harley Havik, Jordana Leigh, Linny Lace, Miss Anna, Sarah Gregory, Stevie Rose

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