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Strictmoor Academy Year Three Scene Five – Sarahgregoryspanking

In scene 5, four of the young ladies are oldest so they are being allowed to go out for the evening to a local dance. However, upon their goodbyes for the evening, Miss Wellbourne smells smoke on Nicole and confronts her, the truth that Rachel bought the cigarettes comes out as well. So, the other two ladies are dismissed to attend the dance, but there will be consequences for poor Rachel and Nicole.

The other two ladies however, do not leave, they decide to sneak back to watch the action. Right away the two naughty miscreants are told to change into their pajamas with the appropriate underwear and report back to the conservatory for spankings. Each lady is spanked over her pajamas, white panties, and then on the bare bottom by Miss Wellbourne. Of course there is no privacy and Miss Collins as well as the two peeping students witness their spankings. The two are told that in the morning there will be further punishment.

The next morning the two ladies are made to change into a pink summer pinafore as well as white cotton panties that have the seat cut out to add further humiliation. They are taken one at a time to the bathroom to have their dirty mouths washed out with soap. After, they are then spanked in side by side rooms by Miss Collins and Mrs. Frobisher with the Mason and Pearson hairbrush that stings so much.

Cassidy Lau, Clare Fonda, Luci Lovett, Mackenzie Reed, Miss Elizabeth, Nuna Starks, Samantha Baker

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