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Strictmoor in Scotland – Scene 5 – Sarahgregoryspanking

We are very excited to release the first Scotland Strictmoor Academy starring Dilan playing Miss Honeysuckle along with Miss Matthews playing Miss Baker. The students at Strictmoor are Amelia (Violet Haze), Isabella (Bella Bird), Phoebe (Mila Rae), Celia (Ash May), and Jessica (Faerie Willow). During the autumn of 1962, Miss Cynthia Baker receives a letter from the principal of Strictmoor Academy, Mrs. Ruth Ganley. Her letter explains that Strictmoor’s reputation was now international and in the last year, she had received many requests from Great Britain asking if there was a possibility of there ever being a “British Academy”. She wants Miss Baker to run it after finding her through a specialist recruitment agency, based in London. Her brief to the agency was to find a teacher with good all-round skills and knowledge including someone who understood the importance of discipline. Miss Baker, of course, fits that description… and so it was that a UK Strictmoor is formed at a beautiful remote manor house in Scotland.

In Scene 5: Isabella is next to be disciplined in front of the class. At home, she had been caught smoking cigarettes out of her window and then caught again with a pack of cigarettes in her room at Strictmoor. Miss Baker and Miss Honeysuckle are prepared to make an example of her in front of the other girls. Miss Honeysuckle carries out the first part of the miscreant’s discipline in the classroom as Isabella has her naughty smoking hands smacked with the wooden ruler. Her knickers then come down for an over-the-knee, bared bottom hand spanking. When her cheeks are sufficiently red, she is stood in the corner while the other students are sent away. Of course, there is the matter of her bedtime spanking which is to be given by Miss Baker. Isabella is given a thorough hand and hairbrush spanking on an already sore smarting bottom once more before being led upstairs for an embarrassingly early bedtime.

Ashley Benson, Bella Bird, Clara Hewitt, Essie, Faerie Willow, Mila Grant, Violet Haze

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