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Sunday DnD game 3.5 – Rardysexuality

During this campaign some of our players were very tired. Bloo and Poppet act a little goofy but will be well rested for our next campaign. A little background for our campaign. We are fighting the golden don which is a group of humans who resurrected King Radabod. The golden don are using machines and magic to create portals all across the land. While theKing is bringing back to life ghouls and gnolls. We were hired by Ed the Head to survey the forest and found out some news about Sarich Malconious, his second in command. We suspect Sarich of working closely with the golden don. We search by the bridge for the portal and the machine. We can feel magic coming from the entirety of the water. We travel up stream to where the rivers around the town converge. There are drag marks into the water, seemingly from when the townspeople were taken. Kyro wades into the water and can feel a circle of stones at the bottom. After a lot of deliberation he carefully moves one of the rocks, straining to do so. He manages to move the rock and break the spell on the portal! We then hurry to the other bridge to look for the other portal. My sisters Lil_KIttyTheory and Bun BUn and I, LilBabyboyJoey, are at Auntie Danas house while our parents are out for the night. Her house is so boring, so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. Auntie Dana didn’t like us playing with her dogs toys. She said they were dirty and sent us to bed super early. We weren’t ready to go to bed yet and Auntie Dana’s pillows are perfect for pillow fights! We got caught since we were being pretty loud. Auntie Dana put us one by one over her knee for hand spankings and made us stand in the corner. But Auntie Dana wasn’t done with us yet. She put us back over her knee for a turn with the strap.

Bun Bun Chambers, Dana Specht, Lil Babyboy Joey, Lil Kitty Theory

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