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Sunday DnD Game 6.10 – Rardysexuality

For this episode AJ is dming again but this time we are back in the timeline! We are just about to enter the lair of the don. We are trying to find evidence to tie Sarich Malconious, the second in command to Ed the Head who is the leader of the oath sworn, to the don and prove he is really a bad guy. Our second objective is to find a machine that’s making portals in this hideout As we head down into the dungeon we have to avoid several trap corridors that alert the soldiers in the first few rooms.

We manage to avoid the trap and head into the cafeteria room, defeating 6 soldiers! Down the next hallway we meet a sorcerer cultist and a giant minotaur skeleton!! After destroying them and freeing their prisoners we head into the next room finding a big library. There are two monks in the zen garden who smile at us and start leading us down a very long corridor. After we play our campaign we have to pay for all of those health points we lost! For each hp lost we get 2 spanks!

Lil Babyboy Joey, Lil Kitty Theory

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