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Talking Back to Teacher – Universal Spanking and Punishments

In her first spanking video, Lexie is kept after school for being tardy. She’d been late to class more than three times in the last two weeks, and it’d happened several times throughout the semester. Lexie was well aware that the school used corporal punishment and she ignored the consequences of her actions. Her parent’s signed off on a form at the beginning of the year allowing “reasonable punishment”, and today she’s going to get her first spanking at school!

Lexie is bent over the desk by her art teacher (Mr. Masser) and her spanking began over the jeans, but quickly those were pulled down and she was only left with a tiny thong to cover her most private areas. The more sassy Lexie was, the more strict her teacher became. At one point Mr. Masser had enough of the girl talking back and the teacher put his foot on a chair and pulled her right up and over his knee and smacked those cheeks with authority! Lexie had become a brat and she was in for some swats too as she would have to bend over and take licks with two leather paddles. And just when Lexie couldn’t keep her mouth shut towards the end of her punishment, Mr. Masser made it clear that she’d be back in the following day for more discipline!

We’ll be featuring some more great videos with Lexie soon, but keep watching at the end for a few extra smacks!


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