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Ten Amorette, Miss Elizabeth – Ten’s Challenging Day – Aaaspanking (Triple A Spanking)

Ten has really gone and done it this time… she took her step-dad’s brand new Challenger and it got a bad scratch after she had parked it carelessly at the parking area of a local supermarket. This little shopping trip was about to cost a lot more than she bargained for, and she only had herself to blame. Step-mom (Miss Elizabeth) confronts her girl about the issue as He is far too upset to deal with his little girl. Ten is scolded and reminded about how selfish she had been, this would result in a hard spanking punishment, over step-mom’s lap, and a bare bottom punishment, before being grounded and sent to bed early. Ten’s pajama bottoms don’t stay on for long and her reddening cheeks are further hand spanked by Miss Elizabeth who continues to chastise her girl. Ten doesn’t seem to be all that sorry so a hairbrush is used to remind her about this dreadful poor behavior. It seems to have the desired effect as she struggles, squirms, and grimaces as the mean, stinging hairbrush repeatedly whack Ten’s tender bottom. She is told to reflect in the corner and compose herself, bare bottom on full display, before being sent to bed early like the naughty little madam that she was!

Miss Elizabeth, Ten Amorette

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