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Ten’s Hot Hitachi Spanking – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Ten and her boyfriend (Jason) have fallen on some hard times, they don’t seem to communicate much anymore and their love life is suffering as a result. Lately, Ten waits until Jason leaves the house and then she pulls out her hitachi vibrator in search of orgasms and self spanks herself too, it gets her off, but the lack of intimacy between the two isn’t good for their relationship.

This all goes on for awhile, then one day Jason comes home early to find Ten working herself over with the vibrator, and she also has a red bottom from spanking herself. Jason is infuriated and Ten tries to defend her behavior,…he sees implements laid out as well as the vibrator, so he orders Ten on all fours for an erotic and naked punishment!

Ten becomes aroused as Jason takes control, she starts using the vibrator as instructed while he begins to spank her bottom. Jason enjoys seeing (and hearing) Ten get off as he smacks her little bottom, she’s always needed spankings for discipline, but it’s apparent that an erotic spanking drives her libido wild! Jason grabs a leather paddle and a riding crop, lighting up her behind with both, all the while Ten gets hotter and hotter. She craves the discipline and the structure that a dominant man can give her, it’s clear that a girl can have her poor behavior corrected with a spanking, bit it’s also evident that the right type of spanking can make a girl very wet as well.

Ten came many times that afternoon, and she even received a paddling after her last orgasm as punishment for the lack of communication with Jason. It’s fair to say that Ten would be getting a lot more attention from Jason and more spankings as well,…some for discipline issues,…and some for the sake of pleasure!

Ten Amorette

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