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The Audition – KPV066 – Kelly Payne Collection

I was introduced to Hazel by a friend. She badly wanted to work for my company and was in desperate need of a good sound spanking.

So I set up a meeting to audition her. It happened that at the time Sara was visiting, so I had her sit in. Once she saw this “cutie” she had to get involved. It got so hot that Hazel wanted to get off or at least try — by getting fucked with a vibrator.

Hazel was spanked over-the-knee on her bare bottom, strapped and paddled, then penetrated with a vibrator.

Hazel Hathaway, Kelly Payne, Sara

Archivos.Spanking.Club, Kelly Payne Collection

00:25:58 | 374.33 MB | 352×240 | MPG


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