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The Birthday Gift – Highland Manor House

Today is Miss Scarlet’s birthday, and she is giving herself the gift of a visit to the Disciplinarium. The Disciplinarium is an establishment for wayward girls, that are very used to receiving punishment, and Ladies that enjoy administering punishment to a girls bottom, are able to buy some time with them. The Ladies are then able to discipline and punish the girls as they see fit. Miss Scarlet dressed elegantly, in a black pencil skirt, silk blouse, stocking and heels, and is waiting in the library for Bella, the girl that she has selected for her Birthday Gift. Bella is known for being the Disciplinaiums best ward, who can take the most punishment without complaint, noise, swearing or crying. Miss Scarlet discusses what she would like to do with Bella, with Bella meekly agreeing and confirming that she is known for taking a good hard beating.Miss Scarlet instructs Bella to kneel on the chair in the middle of the room and Bella dutifully complies. Miss Scarlet lowers Bella’s white knickers and tells her to put her bottom out for 10 strokes of her strap, six across both buttocks and two on the diagonal on either side. Bella is then instructed to stand and lean over the chair for the first part of her caning, a 5 bar gate, followed by two strokes to the very sensitive area, the crease at the top of her thighs. Again Bella dutifully complies, and takes her punishment quietly, counting the strokes. Miss Scarlet then informs Bella, that when she was a teacher, girls would be told to strip for their beating, and for Bella to remove her pinafore, blouse and vest, just leaving her wearing her white cotton panties, socks and shoes. Striped, Bella returns over the chair for the remainder of her caning, and Miss Scarlet lowers Bella’s panties for a further hard 10 strokes. Miss Scarlet is very pleased with how Bella has taken her punishment, and tells her that she can see why Bella comes highly recommended, and she can take her clothes and go back to her room.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

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