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The Cane and the Curious – Film & BTS – Dreamsofspanking

Prefect Pandora Blake’s taking Faerie Willow to Headmistress Clara Hewitt for punishment again – but this time, there’s a surprise waiting at the end.

For years now, Prefect Blake has been bringing errant students before the Headmistress. They rose above the competition to claim the prefect’s badge, and have always done their best to live up to it. Their marks are high and their record exemplary. When they find one of their schoolmates behaving otherwise, their job is simple – take the offending pupil to Miss Hewitt’s office, stand up straight and keep a clear count of the strokes.

They’re nearing the end of their school career now, almost done with pressing their uniform and doling out detentions, and they’ve watched more spankings than they can remember. It’s only natural, surely, that they should have become a little curious.

So they’ve come up with a plan…

The Cane and the Curious – Behind The Scenes

The trouble with beautiful location shoots is that they aren’t always as practical as one might hope! This film benefited hugely from the gorgeous timbered room that doubled as a private school teacher’s personal lounge – but fitting the camera in and getting the angles right took a few goes. We’ve rounded up some clips for you, complete with our usual backstage quips and giggles.

Clara Hewitt, Faerie Willow, Pandora Blake

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