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The Cheap Trick (LP-012) Lupus Pictures

What about a mystery story? Do you think that it cannot be used as good background for a good spanking story? The opposite is true – let us persuade you that a movie story from “the other side of the bar” can be just what you’re looking for. Strict spanking, fun – and a bit “gangster” humor as well…

A young fellow whose income is obviously not completely legal, is at home and obviously bored. Modern house, luxurious life – but otherwise empty. What could he do? Porno movies from VCR are not the thing, so he logs onto the Internet and orders a girl – escort. Having confirmed the order, the fellow lightens up – he is looking forward to meet the chick. He has just enough time to get a bottle of wine from the refrigerator and here she comes!

Doorbell rings…

Meanwhile, we see two girls reaching his door. How come two? Did he order something wilder? No, he did not. The girls are thieves. It becomes all clear when one hands the other a tube of sleeping pills and the other replies that sex games are out of question today. One girl will play prostitute, the other will wait for her signal and then come to help her “clean out” the house.

The brunette meets the guy at the door, looking at him provocatively. He is satisfied with what he sees and looks forward to a pleasant afternoon. He pours the wine and disappears in the bedroom.

At the very moment, the face of the concubine changes. She becomes a rugged professional. Dumps Rohypnol pills in the guy’s glass. But he’s cautious and notices her act through semi-open door.

“Swine”, he murmurs. And immediately decides to play a little game with the girl. Return to the shower, slams the door and goes back to living room, whistling along the way. He orders the girl to perform striptease for him and while the girl looks other way, he switches the glasses. So the girl sips the vile drink she had prepared for him. She gets very sleepy on her way to the bedroom, and after some masturbation he wanted to see, she falls asleep.

Fun begins now for the guy. He ties her using gaffer’s tape and dumps the contents of her handbag on the carpet. Along with her mobile phone, which just displays a text message: “Is he asleep?”

The guy decides instantly. Takes his favorite gun from the drawer and prepares to meet the second girl. When she enters the house, he drops her to the floor: “Don’t move or I’ll gut you!“

Would you like to know what awaits the two girls? We will only tell you that their butts will be severely punished. A party is ahead, a party which they could never imagine. And when it’s over, they’ll have to…

No, we won’t tell you more. See the movie – it has all that you expect from it and something more!

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