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The Company Card (2021) – DFP Productions

It was just another day at the office until the boss asked Misty Meaner and Lola Leda to come into his office. It turns out that his company credit card has disappeared off of his desk and they’re the only two people that have been in there all morning. He tells them he wants it back, but they both swear they didn’t take it. So, he has no choice but to find out for himself! He makes them strip bit by bit right there at work while he looks for the missing card! It’s starting to look like they may both be telling the truth when the card falls out onto the floor! The culprit begs not to be fired and the boss agrees not to but there’s still going to be a punishment for all of this!

Lola Leda, Misty Meaner, Seph

File Name : The Company Card.mp4
File Size : 1502.03 MB
Resolution : 1920×1080
Duration : 00:16:59

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