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The Disobedient Daughter – Universal Spanking and Punishments

Cara Day is a sweet and lovely girl, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t earn a spanking from time to time. In fact, Cara has come to expect spankings from her step-father when she messes up or when she just doesn’t care to do the right thing. As of recent, Cara has been getting spanked about once a week and that’s more than usual, coincidentally she’s also been in a discovery phase and spending a lot more time with her vibrator!
One thing that Cara’s step-dad demands is that she help around the house, and that means leaving her room to spend time outdoors. Once again though, Cara is not doing her chores and her step-father catches her using her vibrator, even worse, she’s letting a boyfriend (that he doesn’t know about) watch on a live stream! Well, her step-dad decides that it’s time for some discipline once again and he takes Cara over the knee for some hard spankings, first given over her thin panties, and then on her cute bare bottom! Cara certainly is not pleased with her situation, and the punishment becomes even more painful for her when two different paddles are used to heat up her cheeks. It’s bad enough getting spanked over the knee, but having to endure searing swats is a lot for a girl to go through!
The final part of Cara’s punishment sees her being bent over the bed for a flurry of belt strokes! Step-Daddy’s belt really hurts his girls’ bottom, but he has top teach Cara some responsibility. Her step-father is very focused, and he seemingly doesn’t notice when Cara grabs her vibrator and uses it to pleasure her pretty pussy while she’s being strapped. Those final strokes really hurt, though Cara’s reaction is a lot different than it usually is when she’s taking punishment. Perhaps her step-father did see that she was using the vibrator while being spanked, no matter, Cara is making big girl decisions these days and perhaps this is the type of discipline that she needs moving forward?

Cara Day

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