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The panty sniffer – Kelly Payne Collection

While 2 ladies are out shopping their apartment is being ransacked by a neighbor. Specifically their panties and adult toys.. When they arrive home they catch him sniffing their panties and all their personal adult toys opened. When they confront him he gets fresh and acts like he has done nothing wrong. His tune is changed after they threaten to tell the landlord and the other tenants.

They decide they wait to have some fun with him before letting him go so they teach him a lesson with a good sound bare bottom spanking over each of their laps. He is then gagged with their panties taped into his mouth while Allison spreads her ass and sits on his face forcing him to sniff her ass hole. She sits full force on his face until he can barely breath. Then she turns him over and uses anal toys on his ass before putting on her big strap on and fucking his ASS BUT GOOD. This video has it all.

Allison, Kelly Payne

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