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The Pleasure Poison 2 – Galas Looner

Catwoman and Poison Ivy wear leotards and sheer to waist pantyhose

Supergirl wears red cape and skirt over blue leotard over shiney nude/tan sheer to waist tights with boots

Super girl is kneeling weakened and defeated while poison ivy holders her arms behind her back

Poison ivy has a green rock (or anything green really) sitting next to her and supergirl

Catwoman crawls toward her sexily while saying “oh supergirl you put up a great fight for how much kryptonite we have”

Catwoman pulls out the pleasure poison and puts it on her own lips

Supergirl asks what it is and catwoman explains how the pleasure poison works

Ivy releases her arms and supergirl falls forward now on her hands and knees, ivy grabs supergirls hair pulling her head back for catwoman to grab her throat and plant a sexual kiss on her, infecting her with the pleasure poison

Catwoman continues to kiss her and says “your ass is all ours super bitch, your going to cum for us” in between kisses

Supergirl half heartedly responds “never”

While they kiss poison ivy moves supergirls cape out of the way and spanks and gropes her during their kiss

Supergirl moans softly with each smack obviously aroused as both women grope her

Catwoman stops kissing the humiliated heroine and removes her cape then leads her to the couch/bench/bed and bends her over her knee and begins spanking

Poison ivy joins and sits in front of supergirl, lifting her chin up for a kiss while moving supergirls hand to her thigh

Throughout the spanking the villainesses tease and humiliate supergirl verbally about the humiliation of her sexual domination, and physically with hair grabbing, wedgies, throat grabbing, kissing, and poison ivy making her rub her thighs and pussy over her costume while being spanked

Supergirl moans and wiggles with the spanks, arching her back for catwoman, at first she tries to remain proud but she is overtaken by the poison unable to fight off the arousal over time, sensually caressing and rubbing poison Ivy’s thighs and pussy

Catwoman lowers supergirls skirt and takes it off then reaches for the belt and the hard smacks makes supergirl cum much to both villainesses delight, poison ivy cums with supergirl from the rubbing and joy while she holds supergirls hair eye contact

Catwoman jealous of poison ivy says it’s her turn to cum now and she gets up while supergirl gathers herself from such a hard orgasm

Poison ivy gets up walks toward the kryptonite and says “you did have that poison just like superbitch, I’ll be right outside if you need me”

Poison ivy grabs the kryptonite and runs out

Catwoman tried yelling at her to stop

Supergirl has a devilish grin and walks seductively to catwoman, removing her mask and then biting catwomans lip and puts her over her knee and gets her revenge

Supergirl is still aroused and fully enjoying dominating the villainess, humiliating her with verbal taunts and teases, groping catwoman and wedgieing her amongst the spanks, eventually grabbing the belt and using it to make catwoman cum

At first catwoman is humiliated but she quickly begins enjoying it, moaning and presenting a great target for supergirl until cumming hard to the belt

The scene fades out on poison ivy lounging holding the kryptonite listening to catwomans moans while smiling

Galas Looner, Kobe Lee

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