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Twerkers Taught A Lesson – Cheerleaderspankings

This is a milestone film, being the 300th made available to view from today. As one would expect, it is a very special feature starring Miss Katherine (as the principal), Jayda Blayze, Kajira Bound and (a topless) Angelica Vee. The girls have been sent to Miss Katherine after they were caught teaching their classmates how to twerk. On a Friday, they were allowed to wear their cheer uniforms, but in this case, the girls have abused their position of trust, especially with the obscene twerking moves they were sharing with their class. They are sent to the principal and on the way, Angelica removes her top as she had coffee spilled on it. Imagine the disrespect one would show teaching staff, turning up for a disciplinary meeting… topless! Needless to say, the girls are scolded and told they will all be spanked in front of each other, with their shorts removed for hard hand spankings that soon wiped the smirks off their faces. The three girls had shown little respect earlier, so they are all given a dozen swats with a stiff leather paddle across already sore, aching behinds. Afterward, they are told to go and pick up emergency clothing used for young ladies who can not be trusted adding to the shame they now feel for the remainder of their long school day ahead.

Angelica Vee, Jayda Blayze, Kajira Bound, Katherine Worthington

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