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Twisting The Wedgie Stick – Zoe Page Collection

Red is my boss and is taken aback with the rather reveling outfit I’ve chosen for the office party. She checks me out with a disapproving look and even lifts my skirt to take a peek at my rather skimpy panties. “It’s a party, surly I don’t have to get your approval” I rant. She has other ideas and starts to flick and tug at my panties until I’ve got a proper wedgie situation going on. Not stopping there I find myself bending over the chaise lounge while Red pulls until those panties are cutting into me like a cheese wire! next I’m on the floor while, from nowhere, Red produces a short cane that she threads through my underwear and begins to twist and twist away. This sends me wriggling and squealing for mercy, but you guessed it Red was not for giving up!

Red, Zoe Page

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