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Veronica Spanked for Poor Conduct – Cheerleaderspankings

Veronica is dragged home in shame by her step-mom after witnessing one of the worst tackles she had ever witnessed at the school soccer field. Veronica’s deliberate and mistimed tackle during the game resulted in her breaking the opponent’s leg! Once home, Veronica is ear pulled to the couch as Step-Mom still scolds her girl for that awful tackle… how could she do such a thing? She is pulled over the maternal lap where she is harshly spanked with step-mom’s hard hand and veronica quickly loses what remaining dignity she had with the removal of her shorts and panties. Without remorse, the spanking continues but then worse is to come as Veronica dares to place her hand and block the continued spanking. This infuriates her step-mother that she insists her girl go fetch the dreaded family Paddle… a stiff leather paddle that stings relentlessly. She soon remembers how painful this is as her pert buttocks are stuck out, receiving swat after swat bent over the couch. She will learn that poor conduct on the field of play has very real consequences off it… Veronica’s bottom will heal in a few days, which is more than can be said for her poor opponent’s leg!

Samantha Baker, Veronica Weston

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