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You have to pay my way spr-2075 Mommysarahspanks

Sofia come back to her room after work to find that it has been changed around by her landlady, it now has little girl bedding and toys in place of her grown up things. The landlady explains that as she cant pay her rent and is behaving like a little girl this is just the way she will be treated. This will involve her being dressed in clothing selected to regress her to her childhood and it will start right now. Sofia removes all her adult clothes and puts on a pink onesie chosen by her landlady. When she is suitably dressed the landlady comes back to her room and tells her that she will also be punished for being a silly little girl. She puts Sofia over her knees and spanks her on top of her onesie and then on her bare bottom We now have a thoroughly chasten and regressed little girl with a red bare bottom.

Sarah Stern, Sofia Saint

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