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Zoe – Hairbrush Obsessed Headmistress 4K – Ariel Anderssen Studio

Please note; this video will also be released in two parts, for people who only want the first section (hair brushing) or second section (hair brush spanking). This is the full version!

Zoe Page has very strict ideas about hair brushing. Also, about how to discipline young ladies. As she brushes her own thick, lustrous hair with her silver-backed hairbrush, she muses about whether it would be appropriate to use that very hairbrush to spank the young women in her care. As she talks to herself in the mirror, and grooms her hair, she concludes that it’s the right course of action. Almost always. Definitely always.

And just as she reaches her decision, an opportunity to spank one of her charges presents itself! Amelia has arrived, wearing her hair in a ponytail, which is strictly forbidden. Angrily, Miss Page insists she take her hair down from it’s ponytail, before bending over her knee for a long, hard hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. Miss Page takes no pleasure in it, it simply has to be done. Well, maybe she takes a *bit* of pleasure in it, but that’s no one else’s business…

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Zoe Page

File Name : Zoe – Hairbrush Obsessed Headmistress 4K.mp4
File Size : 1154.39 MB
Resolution : 3840×2160
Duration : 00:15:24

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