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Apricot Taught a Lesson – Cheerleaderspankings

Apricot’s attitude recently has been causing her stepmother a lot of concern and witnessed by the latest incident when she arrived home early from cheer practice. Apricot claims that she isn’t feeling well and decided to quit practice early but her lack of sports panties fuels further mistrust from her stepmom. Since she isn’t feeling well, stepmom decides to take apricots temperature… rectally. The lying girl will do anything to prove she isn’t… so reluctantly agrees and realizes just how humiliating this is… all to cover up her fibs! She knows her girl all too well and decides to teach Apricot a further lesson by giving her a spanking across her bare buttocks… spanked like a naughty lying . The hand spanking is not enough though, and Apricot is told to fetch the family hairbrush and ask for stepmommy to use it hard across her sore aching buttocks. Apricot yelps and squirms as the nasty stinging implement reminds her that lying to stepmommy has painful consequences. She is one sorry-looking girl by the end, rubbing her red sore bottom better.

Apricot Pitts, Samantha Baker

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