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Erotic Spanking Fantasy With Sophia In LJs and Lingerie – Uk Cute Girl

Sophia and I are in our lingerie, she looks so great in shiny satin. I have a confession to make and admit to Sophia that I really like life jackets. She isn’t phased and finds it cool, agreeing to try one on! She slips it on and I help her to do it up, it looks so good on her and I put mine on too. I demonstrate how to do up the crotch strap, pulling it between my butt and fastening it tightly against my pussy. When we are all dressed up we discuss spanking. Sophia has never done it and it’s always been a dream of mine to get spanked in a life jacket. I spank Sophia first so I can show her how to do it, I start lightly and then build it up. I love the sound, it’s so naughty and I spank her over and over until her butt cheeks are pink. Then we switch, I’m so excited to get spanked in my life jacket! Sophia is pretty good at it considering it’s her first time. It makes me so horny, I love the thought of being punished. My butt has gone a little pink and feels all sensitive and tingly. We have definitely both enjoyed that and have a little life jacket cuddle at the end, before getting into bed.

Lucy Lauren, Sophia Smith

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