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Ariel Anderssen Secretarty 2 Part 1 – FutileStruggles

Ariel has slipped back into her old ways and needs a reminder once again on how to perform her secretarial duties properly. I push her against the post with her arms behind her back as I administer a spanking. I start off spanking her over her skirt, but I soon left t to spank her bare ass. I notice another infraction… Ariel is wearing panties for 1 and she is wearing them on top of her garter. I order her to remove them. I notice something going on under her blouse, so I simply rip it open and discover that Ariel has made some makeshift nipple clamps out of pencils and rubber bands. It seems to me that she has been screwing up on purpose for the attention. If it’s attention she wants, then I am happy to give it. I turn her around and bind her wrists behind her back and around the post. Ariel pretends to be proper and offended when I call her an attention whore. She also says things like: “What are you going to do with me?” and “Are you going to spank me some more?”. She of course does get spanked more and manhandled as well. I tire of her constant chatter and questions though and I soon have a ballgag strapped tightly in her mouth. I crotchrope her and hang a bag of hammers off of the other end. There is plenty of room for more and I have a lot of hammers. I step away to let Ariel get acquainted with her weighted crotchrope as I go make preparations that will help Ariel with her attention needs. When I return, I help Ariel to her knees. Soon after I tie a long spreader bar to her ankles. Ariel looks up at me with puppy eyes and drool running down her chin, as I approach her with more rope. I fashion a neckrope and then tie it off to an eyelet in the side of the post. Ariel is now getting some apparently much needed attention. She is already feeling the discomfort of being on her knees on a solid concrete floor and unable to re-position herself thanks to the spreader bar and neckrope. I suppose I should help her out and give her more attention and distractions. We will get to that but for the remainder of Part 1 Ariel will just have to endure her current predicament.

Amelia Jane Rutherford


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