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Begging Not To Be Spanked – Uk Cute Girl

Sir walks in and I’ve been caught out reading when I should be in dream land… Oh no I’m in big trouble now, I didn’t realise the time, I’m so sorry please don’t punish me sir, I’ll do anything I’m begging you please don’t spank me!! No sir, don’t make me take my panties down, please sir I’m begging you. I have no choice to slide my panties down whilst on all fours, I don’t want to make him more cross. I continue to beg not the cane sir anything but the cane, I’m sorry I will not be up past my bedtime again, don’t strike me!! You’re making me squirm now, you’re taunting me, please sir anything I will do anything, I will make you breakfast, erm I will suck your cock, oh you have other ideas you want to spank me then I have to suck your cock, that unfair sir, okay okay I will stop trying to negotiate i’m sorry, I close my eyes scared knowing I’m in for a spanking, I will always go to bed on time from now on.

Lucy Lauren

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