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Cold Swats Again – Punishments Only

Anna’s monthly real discipline session is not for the faint of heart. It begins with 5 cold swats for every cigarette she had the preceding month: cold swats means that they are administered without a warm up of any kind, and I do so at full force. Without a chance for adrenaline and endorphins to kick in, it leaves an unforgettable impression.

First Anna gets lectured, and then she gets put in position for 10 with the clear (plastic) lexan paddle. This is followed by 20 with two different straps, 10 with the heavy rubber spatula, 10 with the delrin cane, and 10 with the acrylic cane. After these are all shown from the bottom camera angle, it is time for part 2, and they are then all shown from the face camera angle. Then Anna is placed in 5 minutes of corner time — sped up/time lapsed so it can be witnessed without suffering the same mundanity as Anna — and finally taken over my knee for a good hand spanking on her swollen bottom to drive the lesson home.

Loren, Miss Anna

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