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The Spanking Rep – Dreamsofspanking

Spanking implement saleswoman Amelia Jane Rutherford delivers some samples to Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey. Together they enjoy some playful girl/girl switch spanking trying out the new collection.

At the end of a day shooting spanking video with red haired spanking star Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake gets a knock on the door from Amelia Jane Rutherford – a representative from deluxe implement makers Corrective Pleasures. Since Pandora has been such a loyal customer, they are extending their platinum service to her – which includes door to door delivery of their new collection for her to try.

The new range, Amelia Jane explains, is all about leather straps, paddles and tawses. The spanking rep takes the items out of her carry case one by one, and passes them round. Pandora and Caroline are rather taken with one particular leather strap, and ask if they can sample it. Amelia Jane offers to withdraw while they try it out, but Caroline isn’t shy. She jumps up and offers her knicker-clad bottom, already beautifully striped from the day’s shoot, to the long leather strap.

As Caroline gives her verdict on the strap, Pandora is eager to try something too. After a day spent mostly topping, she’s hungry to receive a spanking herself. She and Caroline switch places and try out a heavy black leather paddle that delivers a satisfying thud. Amelia Jane is eager to assist, pulling out a stingy leather tawse and handing it to Caroline to try out on Pandora’s bottom. As the girls decide what they like best, the atmosphere is playful and relaxed – it’s clear that all three share a genuine passion for spanking.

However, when Pandora asks Amelia Jane’s opinion, Amelia confesses that she hasn’t had the opportunity to sample the implements herself, although she would like to – there isn’t anyone in the office who is skilled in topping. Pandora is quick to seize on the opportunity, and before long Amelia is bent over, receiving an instructional taste of what her own products feel like. After all, she must show her commitment to her brand – and if she reacts favourably to a particular spanking paddle, it might help her close the sale…

Strapping, paddling and tawsing turn all three bottoms glowing red in this girl/girl spanking video. And of course, all the implements in the selection must be sampled before Amelia Jane departs – no matter how severe. Amelia herself is a little uncertain about the heaviest implement in the collection, a thick brown strap that packs a powerful punch. Pandora bends over for it first, and declares it her favourite – but will the spanking rep feel the same way about her most expensive product?

A comic F/F switch spanking film which isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall. Caroline, Pandora and Amelia are a dream team of the UK spanking scene – and it’s obvious how much they enjoy playing together.

Film (running time 20:13) with gallery of 69 screengrabs

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey, Pandora Blake

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