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Georgina’s Bedtime Shaving and Spanking (Full Film) – Highland Manor House

A custom clip that Highland Manor House filmed together at their Manor in Scotland. This clip goes back in time, to the 1950’s when it was normal to deal with a young Teens(18+) behaviour with a hard spanking. The use of implements was normal too. For example the hairbrush and cane were perfect for fixing a naughty girls behaviour. Georgina dressed in her traditional school uniform to begin with. It consists of a pleated pinafore, white vest under a white school shirt, white cotton panties that cover her whole backside, knee length socks and patent school shoes. She is the image of a good student that has landed herself into trouble and that’s why her House-Step-Mother Miss Mallory has decided that severe action needs to be taken and she will receive a pussy shaving and spanking before bedtime after an hour detention which included 12 of the best of the cane. Mummy asks Georgina to strip, and when she returns the, pussy shaving commences. It’s an excruciating and humiliating experience for the young girl. After Step-Mummy has shaved Georgina’s pussy completely bald, she gives her a **** position spanking to continue with her regression and humiliation. The girl is bright red and very embarrassed. Georgina changes into her traditional pyjamas and asks her Step-Mummy for the last part of her discipline. A hairbrush spanking over Mummy’s knee is certain to fix any bad behaviour! Deep heat is rubbed into her red, sore bottom to give the Teen(18+) a long lasting sting that she will take to bed with her. At last, the young girl is taken by the hand to bed. She curls on Mummy’s lap for a cuddle that will help to soothe the girls crying. Tucked in and kissed on the forehead, Georgina’s sobbing stops and she falls fast resting… This clip is 27 minutes long.

Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet

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